Basic Pedicure  

A Full-Fledged pedicure, our Basic pedicure includes toenail and trim, shape, cuticle callus eliminator, sugar scrub, hot towel, massage and a choice of polish 

Spa Pedicure  

This pedicure includes everything From our Basic pedicure, in addition, a mask is applied to draw in purities From the skin, boost circulation and cell turnover, trap and eliminate, foot odor, and exfoliate, smooth and moisturize the foot skin.

Signature Pedicure  

This pedicure is best for promoting the growth of new cells for fresh and healthy looking skin, it comes with all basic parts of a basic pedicure combined with the cooling gel, heel cracking treatment and extra massage to leaving your skin smooth and refreshed.

Alex's Pedicure  

Pamper yourself with this amazing manicure this pedicure incorporates all the benefits of the signature pedicure, along with a with hot stone massage help deeply detoxifying and profoundly relaxing, by combining massage with hot stones, the circulatory system is both stimulated and relaxed

Alex's Deluxe Pedicure  

Your feet deserve a break too, you know all the abuse and hardship they go through all day can only be relieved if you treat them to a whole day of pampering as well this pedicure includes a signature pedicure with a paraffin wax treatment and a relaxing massage with hot stone ensure that your feet not only feet relaxed but look gorgeous as well!

Alex's Royal Pedicure  

The ultimate royal treatment & one you just have to experience to believe!

This manicure is an enhancement of the signature pedicure with hot stone, paraffin wax treatment followed by an organic collagen spa 6 steps: collagen bubble - crystal, collagen sugar cane scrub, collagen cream mask, collagen muscle - Relaxing gel, collagen massage lotion, collagen serum lotion your feet will feet revitalized and marvelously soft and silky!




Basic Manicure  

This manicure comes with the nail, trim, shape, cuticle, and warm lotion massage.

Spa Manicure  

Basic manicure follows the procedure of the basic manicure along with sugar scrub to helping tone and renews texture, leaving skin silky soft.

Alex's Manicure  

This manicure includes all the benefits of basic manicure, plus sugar scrub, cooling, mask, and plus extra massage that with calm your nerves and soothe your soul.

Alex's Deluxe Manicure  

Enjoy all the benefits of the basic pedicure with a sugar scrub, cooling, mask and paraffin wax, plus extra massage, this totally Luxurious treatment helps, your feet rejuvenated, energized, and refreshed.



Gel Polish & Basic Manicure  

Basic Pedicure & Basic Manicure  

Men Services  

Gel Polish & Basic Pedicure  


(Under 55 inches or 10 years old)



Combo (Mani, Pedi)  

Polish Change Hand  

Polish Change Feet  

Combo (Hand, Feet)  


Gel Polish Hands/ Feet  

Gel French or American Hands/ Feet  

Gel Builder Natural Nail Hands  

Gel Builder Tip on Hands  

Gel Acrylic Full-Set  

Gel Acrylic Fill-in  

Gel Soak Off without Services  

Gel Soak Off with Services  


Overlay Acrylic Top Natural Nail  

Acrylic Nails  

Gel Clear Pearl & While Tip  

White Pearl Tip Regular Top Coat  

Pink & White  

Pearl & White Tip Shing Buffer  

Acrylic Nails Gel Color Top  

Ombre Acrylic Nails  


Dip Powder White, Pink Natural Nails  

Dip Powder White, Pink Tip On  

Dip Powder Natural Nails  

Dip Powder Tip On  

Dip Ombre  

Dip Soak Off Without Service  

Dip Soak Off With Service  

Dip Powder Natural Nail Long  


Change Shape  

Cut Down Natural Nails No Polish Hands/ Feet  

Cut Down Acrylic Change Shape  

Cut Down Acrylic  

Change Color Acrylic  

Change Color Gel Acrylic  

Polish Change Hands/ Feet  

Polish French or American Hands/ Feet  

Nail Design (2 nails) Hands/ Feet  

Nail Design (10 nails) Hands  

Nail Repair (each) Hands  

Shing Buffer  

Nail Take Off without Services  

Nail Take Off with Services  

Paraffin Wax Treatment Hands/ Feet  

Extra Massage 5 mins Hands/ Feet  

Extra Massage 10 mins Hands/ Feet  

Extra Massage 15 mins Hands/ Feet  

Extra Long Nails  

Different Shape  

Change Shape.  

Extra 5 Color  

Extra Glittler  




Combo (Eyebrow, Lip)  


Full Wax (Eyebrow, Lip, Chin)  



Under Arm  

Back 1 Chest  

Tinting Eyebrow  

Facial for Basic  

Alex's Special Facial  




Extension Full Set  

Extension Refill  

Remove Eyelash